31 Days

//If you're looking for my most recent wedding or engagement work, click here!!\\

Today is December 1, 2011. The first day of the last month of the year. We have thirty-one day remaining in 2011. That sure crept up on me! I don't know about you but November feels like an absolute blur. Sadly, I have a feeling it's going to reflect that way below too... let's see how this is going:

  1. Stay on top of editing/blogging sessions and real life updates//This is obviously ongoing, but I think it's going well so far!
  2. Submit at least two weddings and two engagements for publications/blogs//Baby steps! I have the wording from one of my brides of the story of her day! Now to get it from the other one... I'm also thinking a Two Bright Lights membership is in my future in order to better acommplish these submissions. Any of you readers had success with them? I'm super curious!
  3. Build and order sample albums (Oct 22 hard stop on one of these)// I still need to submit the second album. I do have it designed though!
  4. Transform our home into a better client meeting space. Or at least the living room/kitchen // Baby steps! I have recently acquired some pretty lamps that better our lighting situation, have purchased new towels from West Elm for the kitchen, and have plans to paint the bathroom a light grey... At least I have more solid plans now?
  5. Order big prints to display // Sadly this still needs to be done. I also need to pick which prints... any suggestions would be welcome! Wil feels weird about displaying pictures of other people in our home so I need to find a better option than mounting them on the wall too I think.
  6. Launch new branding, website, and blog // New website. Check! New blog.... I have the staging site so we should be live sooner than later. I am SO EXCITED for you to see this!!!!
  7. Order and start passing out oodles of my awesome new business cards// Done and done. I absolutely love them! And I've been handing them out right and left.
  8. Oh yeah, design said business cards// Aren't they pretty? Please feel free to stop me on the street and ask for one. Or ten.
  9. Turn 23 gracefully//Turned 23 ln October! And threw a party :-D
  10. Make dinner at home, with groceries, once a week // Ahhhhh... well... we've been out of town a lot so the weeks kind of mesh together... but I've been making a good effort and I think we can call this an ongoing project
  11. Photograph at least 5 married couples in preparation of exciting new facet of Emilia Jane Photography that is yet to be announced (yes, you should be getting excited—let me know if you want to be one of these couples) // This is such a rewarding project! I am so excited to launch. You've seen Darcy & Paul, Lindsey & Josh, I juuuust might count Wil's parents, and I have another one to share with you tomorrow..... get excited!!
  12. Take at least ONE WEEKEND off for mental health. Yes, an entire weekend with no sessions, AND NO EDITING EMILIA.// We went to Texas for an entire week and I only had three sessions on two days and didn't do any editing. This absolutely counts.
  13. Make Lauren’s awesome cake and celebrate her fabulous birthday.// Did that in October, but this month I took new headshots for her! I am so excited about them I just have to post again! Please click here to see :-D
  14. Love and serve my husband well// This is ongoing :-) Our week in Texas was so good for both of us!

Well. The upside of this is that I definitely see that I have accomplished a lot in the past couple months... but I also have SO much to get done this month :-/ Since really we have three weeks before being out of town for Christmas, etc. Hmm well we shall see! I would love to hear any thoughts, wise words, suggestions you have :-)

What do you need to get done between now and December 31??????!!! Hmmm??? I'm looking at you!

This is how I really feel... but let's go ahead and pretend I feel collected and forward looking like the second picture. Let's also pretend I'm this tan still ;-)

(A million thanks to Lauren for the pictures of me :-)

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  1. You. Are. Adorable. :) Love those pics! And seriously - where did November go?! This is insanity.

  2. Hahahaha....that first picture made me giggle. Good times! And now I'm way stressed about the year ending! Good thing I have a girls night coming up to burn off some steam. :)

  3. Hey Emilia!

    At a conference I was recently at they said that the editors are more used to looking at images that are submitted through their own submission process. They said they still look at the other submissions through two bright lights, but they prefer their own method (this was from the knot and martha stewart weddings). Not sure who you are submitting to but just wanted to give you a heads up. Happy December!