Kith & Kin

To celebrate Wil's birthday we went to dinner with Greg and Rachel to
Kith & Kin in Lincoln Park. Greg had staged there a couple times under
Chef David Carrier. The actually surprised us with this awesome extra
fish course.

Chef Carrier has worked under Thomas Keller at French
Laundry and Grant Achatz at Trio. Taking all of this into
consideration, the pricing...and the food...is just incredible. The
atmosphere is great, I just wish it was closer to Wicker Park! Okay,
I'm not getting into the restaurant review business...just google
Kith & Kin to hear more about it's awesomeness. This was a while ago so
I don't actually remember what the entrees are, but aren't they


Rachel's Bachelorette Party

One of my closest friends got married this summer and I had the honor of hosting her bachelorette party. In lieu of the traditional crazy festivities we opted for a 9 course tapas back patio gala. We made this plan while dress shopping mid April in sundresses. Come May 15, it was frigid and rainy of course. So, the back patio theme moved into my living room (thank goodness there was space!). This is definitely the biggest dinner party I've hosted as of yet, but it's all neatly organized in a google doc for anyone who would be interested in throwing a similar shindig. We had roasted beet bruschetta, olive cucumber feta mint skewers, empenadas, salad-e shirizi, Spanish meatballs, flan, all with red and white sangria. I didn't take as many pictures bc I was still prepping and serving the food, but all in all it was an awesome night!

Rachel the beautiful bride.

   Everyone squished into my living room!

Back Yard BBQ/Welcome to Summer in Chicago!

I've also used the camera to be the obnoxious photographer in pretty much any given social scenario. My absolute favorite thing about it though is how well it captures color. Isn't Caitlin stunning here?! My former Team Lead, Brady barbecued for us and I just couldn't get over how beautiful his back patio area was! I didn't know they had backyards like this in Old Town.

New Camera!


The beginning of this summer marked a huge change for me and in a way really sparked my return to blogging! Per the advice of a close friend to go ahead and make the bigger purchase I'd been saving for...I finally got a DSLR camera! I purchased a Canon Rebel xsi and I LOVE it.

During my first week with the camera I went to help my roommate at a book signing event she had coordinated for author Michelle McKinney Hammond. My expectation was to serve punch and hopefully be able to snap a few shots of the people and space. As soon as I walked in the door my roommate informed me that the professional photographer they had hired had a family emergency and could I please take all of the pictures! Thankfully the event went smoothly (per all of her planning I'm sure) and I took 368 pictures that night.

I promise I won't write this much for all of my posts but I just wanted to introduce the photography adventure aspect of the blog!