Beloved | College Station Portraiture | Harry and Chris

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Meet Harry and Chris! You may have already seen their sneak peek over on facebook. These two are absolutely the sweetest couple. Harry actually grew up in my hometown and he and Chris met at IU (where I did my undergrad) but I actually met them in College Station, Texas, Wil's home town. Such a small world we live in! Like I said, they are absolutely the sweetest, most down-to-earth couple. I had so much fun on my mini session with them last week. Their joy truly overflows! I hope you can see just a little bit of that in these pictures at their home :-)

Thank you to you both for being amazing!

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  1. Aweee! This post made me tear up a little bit! So sweet and so cute! It makes me so happy to see an older couple so in love! I hope to be as lucky as them :-)
    love the "married couple" shoots!


  2. Aw how sweet. This makes me want to take pictures of my parents.