New Business Cards! And Stickers! Excitement!

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I am so so so so so excited you guys! I've had these cards for less than a week and I think I've already handed like 50 of them out. With the launch of my new website, I am thrilled to have business cards and stickers to match! They're all the same gray and white stripe with my pretty new logo on one side, and then I have a slew of different pictures on the other side :-)
I also ordered stickers, which you can expect to see all over everything you get from me now!!

This weekend I have meetings with three brides and an engagement session! What are you up to?

Want to hire me for your wedding? Grab coffee? Please use my super awesome new contact page :-)


  1. Love love love them! They turned out awesome!

  2. Oh, that does look nice! The business cards look professional, yet they retain the charm of your business. Those pictures in particular look lovely, and they will make a positive impact on people who see them.

    Matthew Engquist