Ben & Halley's Wedding

Going to the chapel...and we're...gonna get married!

Ben and Halley got married at the beautiful Legacy venue in Lubbock, Texas over Memorial Day Weekend 2010.

                                                            ...Aggie fight song

Picnics at the beach!

One of our favorite things to do up at Wil's place in Roger's Park is go to the beach and picnic. Just this weekend we finally got him moved down to Wicker Park! I think the only thing I'll miss about him living up there are these beautiful evenings at the beach.

Just another night at the beach.


One of our favorite shows earlier this summer was Metric. We just recently saw them again at Lollapalooza, and I must say...I have a huge girl crush on Emily Haines. These were just taken with my little pocket Canon PowerShot. Sadly, a lot of the venues that host great performers do not allow any cameras with detachable lenses. Just a few happy shots from the show.