lingerie shower

who doesn't love a post that starts with pictures of cupcakes?!
the most amazing red wine chocolate and red velvet cupcakes made by the lovely lydia
last saturday (2/19) the lydia (pictured above) threw a fabulous lingerie shower for me
she decorated her home beautifully
our friend Caitlin contributed some aaaaamazing dishes. pictured above is an apple and onion tart
recipe from real simple...our favorite mag
we named each of the lingerie pieces...hilarious
i have awesome friends. (ps i love you all!!!)

pictures of people from the lovely rachel strevey. pictures of food a la moi.


engagement picture fun

you can see several of our pictures here on my facebook page
some of the in between pictures i just absolutely love...
his smile is awesome. even when i am totally awkward.
laughing together is the best.
sometimes he's definitely just laughing at me. which makes perfect sense.
12 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



because truly, who doesn't love a good kitty picture or two to brighten their day?!


shooting pool

on our last trip to texas we ended up at THE most honky tonk bar I have ever stepped foot into. 
Sara, Phil, and Wil all picked up the pool cues. 
ps isn't she gorgeous?! phil is one lucky guy.


fun with guns

on our last trip to texas we decided to hit up the range. i'd never shot a handgun before...this was really quite the adventure!