Necessary Breaks

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This summer at Justin & Mary's Walk through a Wedding here in Chicago I had the joy of meeting Christy Tyler and Amanda Megan in person! Lauren recruited me to be a Style Assistant for the day and we all have stayed in contact online.

We decided to get together last week for a few cocktails and catch up. Of course this was the perfect excuse for us to pull out our glitter and "fur." It is too easy to get sucked into working all day, and all night, every weekend, and completely forgetting to socialize and spend time out! We're also all going to Vegas for WPPI in February! So we had to start planning what to wear, of course.

You all are the best!! XOXO

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  1. Yay! Yummy drinks and fabulous outfits with you all should happen way more often! :)

  2. Well aren't we just all the cutest. We need to do that again...stat!