Violet Hour Wall

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I have raved about the Violet Hour to you all on countless occasions. It's my absolute favorite cocktail bar in the city. Beyond having amazing drinks (which obviously they do) it feels a little bit like Alice in Wonderland inside with super tall backed chairs, and velvet curtains from floor to ceiling. What's more is that it's a speak easy! Literally no sign. It's a door in a wall. And to make things even more fun, the wall changes every season. That's right every 3-4 months a different local artist comes along and completely rehabs the whole thing.

I'm so sad to be posting this after they just took it down... but at least you can see it here...
Most recently, Keith Skogstrom of Geodesic Designs spent months hand cutting wooden panels and drawing on them with black sharpie to create puzzle piece gear shifts that all perfectly fit together. I honestly cannot really imagine the level of brilliance it takes to not only come up with this, but also to execute it. So of course, I took pictures of it and I absolutely had to share with you.

all images taken with the 5d mark ii and 35L

Needless to say, I can't wait to see what's next!!

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  1. I really thought this post was going to end with, "...and then I bought a couple pieces of the artwork for Will for Christmas!" LOL, I got all excited.

  2. Love the shots of it at night! The yellow light/blue sky/purple contrast is gorgeous. :)

  3. I still think you need to buy some. How cool would that be in your house. Just sayin.