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Exactly one week ago today, we dined at Next. You might remember, we previously dined there for the Paris 1906 menu, and the Tour of Thailand. I cannot begin to tell you what a different experience this was. It was absolutely incredible. Wil and I dined at the kitchen/chef's table with two other couples, only one pane of glass separating us from the entire kitchen. Beyond the additional courses and wine, this allowed us to interact much more with the chefs. As you'll see in a second, Dave Beran even came and painted with us. This is absolutely my favorite menu to date. Watch for same night tickets, and go!

These are just a few images from our amazing experience. This is the full album.

Have an amazing weekend!

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  1. Ummmmm...I can't believe what I just saw. That looks amazing. How do you get to go to all these things!!!!!