Next Restaurant: Tour of Thailand

As you well know, I love food (and cocktails). Wil took me to Alinea last year for my birthday, we went to an Aviary for a dry run, and I was so honored to be a guest at the Next Restaurant Paris 1906 Opening.

So.... you may be able to guess what this is about...

We went to Next last week for the Tour of Thailand menu!

It was an amazing experience. And we loved every bite. We've found that it's really fun to eat with other people instead of just the two of us. It always helps to have scintillating conversation throughout the meal :-)

Since I'm trying to get a picture the second they set each plate on the table, I'm not very good with listening to the descriptions, but I do have a list of the courses for you (you're welcome).

1. Roasted Banana, Prawn Cake, Sweet Shrimp and Garlic, Fermented Sausage, Steamed Bun
2. Hot and Sour Broth, Pork Belly, Tomato, Ginger
3. Chili, Shallot, Garlic, Salted Duck Egg, Green Mango, White Radish, Pickles
4. Catfish, Caramel Sauce, Celery, Coriander Root
5. Beef Cheek, Curry, Peanut, Nutmeg, Kaffir Lime
6. Watermelon, Lemongrass
7. Coconut, Corn, Egg, Licorice
8. Dragon Fruit, Rose
9. Rooibos, Palm Sugar, Milk

I think one my favorite things about Next, and really it seems like everything Chef does, is the level of perfection to which the experience is executed. Okay okay, I'll stop rambling and give you the gorgeous pictures.

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Branding updates to come tomorrow :-)

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  1. Thanks for your post!! I went there a few weeks ago also for the Tour of Thailand, and my favorite dish was the beef cheeks! So tender and delicious and the curry just was delightful!! I have my own post on my experience here: http://www.callmeamaesing.com

    keep up the great work! Your pictures are amazing and so is everything from your photo site!