Just Playing Around

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I'm really excited to share the latest addition to my gear! If you know me in person you've probably heard me talk about it... I call her "the butter lens" because she makes you look AWESOME. I've rented her before, you've seen pictures of Erin from her wedding and Hollyn and Matt recently from their engagement pictures :-) It's pretty heavy...and a pretty penny but I just dove in and am STOKED to show you all what she can really do!

For today though...this is so silly...I'm kind of embarrassed to share these with you guys. When I got my first DSLR I took a LOT of silly pictures of myself holding my camera.... I totally reverted immediately back as soon as I took this baby out of the box last night.

(instagram picture above from my iPhone4s)

Okay prepare to laugh:

And yes, that is totally Wil's dry cleaning in the closet. I'm shooting in aperture priority at F1.2 at our closet mirror with the door half open to reveal clothes (that part was not intentional)

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  1. Wow...I love the lens (obviously loved my pictures with it too) high on my Christmas list is a new lens for my baby (yes my dslr is my baby, and it has a name, Bridgett) see, now you feel less silly in comparison.

  2. you. are. adorable!! that is all!