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Here's the thing.. I have written down for today "Hammock Time." Which means, I should be blogging about laying on the hammock with Wil, and how great it was to steal a moment in the back yard to relax. Except... that didn't happen. Not only did we not have a single free minute this weekend to steal and go just be... our upstairs neighbors picked this weekend to stop picking up after their dogs so our backyard is a mess of dog poo. AWESOME, RIGHT?!

No, I swear this isn't a depressing post. It's more of a hmm welcome to my life post.

So instead of the awesome, relaxing, story I was going to tell you, I'm actually going to tell you exactly how this weekend went down.

Friday I had to go to the dentist for my very first cavity/drilling/filling ever. My dentist is great. He's a really nice guy. But if we're being quite frank today, and I'm pretty sure that is the nature of this post, I haven't flossed regularly...in like...a really long time. This is BAD. Folks, seriously, take it from me, and freaking FLOSS YOUR TEETH. I was sort of a gums bloddy mess, how embarrassing! So now I've added regular flossing to my list of things to do this year. The upside here is that my copy of Caitlin Moran's How to Be a Woman arrived! I've just started reading it and I am already excited to see what kind of crazy conversation we APW ladies drum up over this. Wil had to go to the Data Center to work after work, and I came home and worked after the dentist... I think Friday night disappeared into the abyss, I frankly have no idea what happened the rest of the night.

Saturday was Julia & Andy's wedding! Yay! I went to her house to hang out and take pictures while she was getting ready, then I got to observe the awesome Christy Tyler photograph the beautiful wedding and reception. These two middle pictures are from the reception (at the Dank Haus). And of course, my fawning over seeing our names together... I hope this always makes me smile :-)

Sunday we got up early and went to our new church, Misseo Dei, and then I drove off to the suburbs to do a wedding portrait session with Alex and Remy at an apple orchard! So so fun folks. We were so far out in the suburbs, they had Sonic! :-D I got home from that shoot around four and then edited the rest of Sarah and Jeff's pictures (full post tomorrow) and blogged for yesterday. Around 8 o'clock my dear friend Natasha asked if she could stop by because she was in the neighborhood. I replied something like "Yes! I'd love to see you! But I'm working... so I can't step away for too long." Her response was something along the lines of... "you realize it's Sunday night right?"

Welcome to my life.

Sarah and Jeff's full engagement post to come tomorrow!

Do you need family pictures? Check out the mini session information?

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  1. Busy but wonderful!!!! Love the dentist picture!