Three Months//92 Days

Tomorrow is October. My birthday month. The point at which we have 92 days left in 2011. My next thought was ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear Lord, I have a lot to get done. So, I’m going to tell everything to you, and then touch base every once and a while before the year is up so you can keep me accountable. I’m going to have to throw a few easy things in here because I know there are some big ones to tackle too.

I am also going to challenge you now, do you have a list? What do you need to get done before January rolls around (or sprints up to us really fast I’m pretty sure is more like it)?
Here goes:
  1. Stay on top of editing/blogging sessions and real life updates
  2. Submit at least two weddings and two engagements for publications/blogs
  3. Build and order sample albums (Oct 22 hard stop on one of these)
  4. Transform our home into a better client meeting space. Or at least the living room/kitchen
  5. Order big prints to display
  6. Launch new branding, website, and blog
  7. Order and start passing out oodles of my awesome new business cards
  8. Oh yeah, design said business cards
  9. Turn 23 gracefully
  10. Do my Precepts homework on time every week
  11. Make dinner at home, with groceries, once a week
  12. Photograph at least 5 married couples in preparation of exciting new facet of Emilia Jane Photography that is yet to be announced (yes, you should be getting excited—let me know if you want to be one of these couples)
  13. Take at least ONE WEEKEND off for mental health. Yes, an entire weekend with no sessions, AND NO EDITING EMILIA.
  14. Make Lauren’s awesome cake and celebrate her fabulous birthday.
  15. Love and serve my husband well
  16. Have so much fun with mini sessions!!!

Okay I think that’s it for right this second, but I’m sure when I come back to update, I’ll probably have things to add too….

What’s on your list? Ready? Go! (this is my game face)

Picture from the AWESOME Darcy Demmel.

Have an amazing weekend! Looking for mini session information? Hire me for your wedding!


  1. Is it wrong that I read this - and all I could think was - holy crap - YOU'RE ONLY 22?!?! Dear lord woman, you have your shiz together! Whew. And bummed I can't make it to your birthday celebration! :( We'll celebrate another time! :))

  2. haha I thought the same thing as Christy! I guess I'm old when people who are only 22 are like, real grownups. And I LOVE the dress you have on in that picture.

    On my list before the end of the year? Run a half marathon, start training for a full marathon, get a permanent, salaried job, and do more yoga.

  3. Yay for cake!!!!!! You can totally do all of that! I believe in you!