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Are you a routine kind of person? I am absolutely a creature of habit. Most nights, scratch that, on the nights when Wil doesn't work super late, and we don't have evening plans, this is typically what goes down. I get home around 5:45, and sit down at the computer. I edit until he gets home and I realize I haven't done anything for dinner, and we might should either heat something up (if there is anything of this sort in our home) or order something we can quickly pickup or have delivered. We'd eat, Wil would start working, and then somewhere around 10:30 we realize we should probably go to bed so we can do this all over again tomorrow.

Last night was not one of those nights though. Last night I arrived home, actually did housework, started one of the five loads of laundry that's been calling my name for a while, made dinner (yes I am going to count fish sticks as dinner) and did not even turn on my computer. That's right! Wil worked out after work, and when he came home, he too did not go into this office. I cannot tell you how exciting this is! We actually went straight downstairs and watched a movie after dinner. We cuddled up on the couch (and by cuddled I mean sat in between stacks of laundry I was working on) and watched an entire movie without a laptop in sight :-D

These nights are absolutely necessary.

Wil's and my first attempt at pictures together. Cuddled up in my old apartment watching movies in the basement circa January 2010 :-)

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