64 Days

I can't believe next week it will be November! This month has absolutely flown by. So... let's check in on my goals to the end of the year:

  1. Stay on top of editing/blogging sessions and real life updates [this is obviously ongoing, but I think it's going well so far!]
  2. Submit at least two weddings and two engagements for publications/blogs [hmm yep definitely need to get on this]
  3. Build and order sample albums (Oct 22 hard stop on one of these) [One down! One to go]
  4. Transform our home into a better client meeting space. Or at least the living room/kitchen [This still needs to be tackled, Wil and I have started talking about what needs to happen though, so that's exciting!]
  5. Order big prints to display [yep still definitely need to do this]
  6. Launch new branding, website, and blog [okay you guys the new website is SO CLOSE and I just got the first round of proofs back for the blog design this week....it's going to be AMAZING!!!!!]
  7. Order and start passing out oodles of my awesome new business cards [Check! Ordered this week.]
  8. Oh yeah, design said business cards [also designed this week... but it's done!!]
  9. Turn 23 gracefully [done and done]
  10. Do my Precepts homework on time every week [going to go ahead and cross this one off the list. I over-committed myself and had to step out]
  11. Make dinner at home, with groceries, once a week [this is ongoing... but so far so good]
  12. Photograph at least 5 married couples in preparation of exciting new facet of Emilia Jane Photography that is yet to be announced (yes, you should be getting excited—let me know if you want to be one of these couples) [please definitely still let me know if you're interested! I have one couple complete with two more scheduled which means we need two more couples!!]
  13. Take at least ONE WEEKEND off for mental health. Yes, an entire weekend with no sessions, AND NO EDITING EMILIA. [last weekend I didn't have any shoots, but I did still do some editing. I'm probably going to have to count this...]
  14. Make Lauren’s awesome cake and celebrate her fabulous birthday. [Done! PS wasn't it so pretty??]
  15. Love and serve my husband well [ongoing...but I think I'm growing in this :-) ]

Surprisingly I don't have anything to add this month... who knows what November and December hold!

What do you need to get done between now and December 31??????

This photo is at the end of the first event I ever photographed :-) It seems to adequately display how I'm feeling right about now.

Want to hang out? Or talk about having me at your wedding? Email me here!

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  1. Seriously - there are only 64 days left of 2011?! This is freaking me out!