Go have a drink...by yourself

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My original plan was to post a drink recipe today, if you're in need of one go ahead and email me ;-) but this week was insanely busy and last night I had a session, followed by a late night webinar learning to use some new software....so no time to make a drink and take lots of pretty pictures.

Instead, I have relationship/marriage/general life advice for you today.

Actually first lets start with a question. When was the last time you did something fun by yourself? And for yourself?

If it's been a long time, or you can't actually remember when the last time was... please make this a priority.

Tonight I had an hour. One free hour between shooting some awesome clients on the lake and learning about integrating Pixifi into my new Showit site. I got of the train and though OH YEA... and then I went to Violet Hour. I'm sure you're all shocked (not). But the importance of this kind of struck me. It is important to take a minute for yourself, to do something that you enjoy, by yourself. I give you permission :-)

Have an amazing weekend. I can't wait to hear from you!

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