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Exciting news! Do you remember Remy and Alex's engagement pictures? Well probably you'd remember them more recently from their wedding... Well the lovely "Marty J Christopher" of the fun blog Not the Marrying Kind featured their engagement session on Friday! You may have seen the link on my facebook page... I'm pretty excited about it.

Last weekend ended on kind of a weird note for me, so I was thrilled to meet up with our friends Gillian and Christian for dinner and drinks at Maude's on Friday. Instead of showing nine pictures to you in a row, I thought this quick overview of the weekend might be more fun from my Instagram updates. If you are on Instagram, you should find me! I'm @emjscho just like on twitter :-)

Anyway, Maude's sign is gold on black, which I love. They have awesome drinks, and we had a three tiered seafood dinner. All around incredible. Plus we love Gillian and Christian.

Okay so Saturday morning early my Dad drove up and met us in Rochelle, IL so he and Wil could go skydiving. If you recall, Dad went with Mom and Bets in July, but Wil couldn't because he broke his wrist. Dad loved it so much earlier he signed up to go again with Wil this weekend. Only problem being, we waited around from 10am-3:30pm before they announced there actually wasn't a plane to be had. Seriously, this is a business... yeah... anywho they've reschedule for 2012 now since we don't have another weekend that lines up until then (also it's about to be really cold here in Chicago and I can't imagine what that would be like 14,000 feet up). I took the pretty cloud picture while we were driving back. The clouds literally looked like a painting, they were so pretty.

Sunday morning we got up early to walk to church (I KNOW RIGHT!? HOW AWESOME). I love love love love love walking places in normal life. Not having to get up and drive several miles is awesome. Anyway, we've started going to Misseo Dei, just up the street, and I really really like it. We're just starting a 9 week series on Galations. If you're curious, their podcasts are up here.

Then we walked over one door to the Birchwood Kitchen. Yes, walked one door over. I love our neighborhood. Also, I love the Birchwood. Isn't my Dad so cute? We waited on the back patio sipping coffee. And then I ate the most amazing baked french toast with peaches. Delicious.

Saturday afternoon I went to Marcy's house to bake vegan cupcakes (which we made un-vegan with milk and frosting...but they'd be delicious any which way I promise!!). She's hilarious, amazing, and inspiring. And the cupcakes we made were de-freaking-licious if I do say so myself. This is the recipe. You should go make them now, vegan or not :-)

This is a jam-packed week for me, Castle is coming back tonight, we're going to see Cut Copy again tomorrow night, I'm photographing a beautiful couple on a boat Wednesday, catching up with friends, etc etc etc. Come back tomorrow, you won't want to miss the engagement sneak peek!!

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  1. Baked french toast with peaches?! Looks. Ah. Mazing.

  2. I love Birchwood Kitchen! But not as much as I loved featuring your lovely photos last Friday. : )
    Thanks for the sweet shoutout!