Oak Mill Bakery: the Best Sweet Treats

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So, if we're friends, you know that I enjoy dessert. I have what you might call an "OMG THERE'S SUGAR LET'S GO GET IT" sweet tooth. As you might imagine, I have become quite the wedding cake/dessert/sweets connoisseur. And friends let me tell you, if you're planning a wedding this is not an area to want to skimp on. Because, you see, if you have a bad tasting sheet cake, your guests will remember. On the other hand, if you have an amazing sweets table... like this one for example... everyone at your wedding will love you forever.
Or at least I will :-)

If you're wondering, yes, I did taste test. And yes, it was as good as it looks. You can contact the lovely folks at Oak Mill Bakery to discover the deliciousness for yourself. Or just for an any-day treat... like I regularly do now because they're located too dangerously close to my house. I've warned you.

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