Dreaming of Our Future Home

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Thinking about how to intro posts is hard. There are so many ways to tell you the things I want to share. I could talk about our marriage and building a home. Or share how exciting it is to be building a brand. Really it boils down to my love of people though. And entertaining. I cannot wait to open our home to clients. To have our space reflect our style and have you feel like you already know me. Right now it’s mostly a dream. Our home is very much in progress.

Today I want to share with you some of my dreams. Some things will happen in our current space. Some only exist in a future dream. Eventually, hopefully, it will all come together.

I dream of floor to ceiling bookshelves. So high we need a ladder to reach the top. I dream of a brown leather couch to curl up on with the softest of blankets in front of a crackling fire. I dream of painting art for the walls. And having never ending collages of pictures in our hallway. Sleek benches in the entryway. And a patio truly engineered for entertaining.

Have a wonderful weekend my loves! I have a busy one ahead with a couples shoot, headshots, and an engagement session :-) Back with more beautiful pictures on Monday!


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