Sara and Jake's Colorado Wedding!

As I told you about yesterday, we were in Colorado this last weekend to attend my gorgeous cousin Sara's wedding! These are a few snapshots from the day... I feel like she thought of everything. The stellar car in the middle of the pictures is my uncle's that she rode out onto the golf course right before she walked down the aisle! Another thing you'll probably notice are the hats. Oh the hats. Sara requested that guests sport hats and people took her seriously (as they well should) and wore just about every kind of hat you can imagine, it was so fun!

The second to last picture, of my Aunt Pat, I think is my favorite from the day. I caught this moment while she was watching my cousin Claire (Sara's younger and equally awesome sister) rap (yes, rap, like the Fresh Prince theme song) her toast to Sara and Jake.

Best wishes to the beautiful couple!

As I mentioned at the top, I was a guest at this wedding. If you'd like to see their photographer's pictures, you can connect with him on facebook or through his website :-)

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