Fun with Marc! (Chicago Headshots/Lifestyle Shoot)

You might remember Marc from Marc & Rebekah… we got together last weekend to take some headshots for him down at the museum campus. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite areas to shoot. If you ever want a giggle, head down there on a Saturday at dusk. You will see a gaggle of wedding parties, quincioneras, proms, engagement couples, and tourists. I think this probably has something to do with it being one of the best skyline views of the city, plus you have the lake… okay I’m getting distracted. Last Tuesday I brought you Marc’s sneak peek. With the same sentiment, I’d love to welcome you back to a short work week with this goodness.

Rebekah came along to help style, give Marc pointers, and make faces at him during the shoot. I cannot vouch for any of it being PG ;-)

I’ll be back tomorrow with Remy and Alex’s full engagement post! If you want more today, head over to “like” my facebook page or inquire through my website (because everyone needs a good headshot!).

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