Rachel's Bachelorette Party

One of my closest friends got married this summer and I had the honor of hosting her bachelorette party. In lieu of the traditional crazy festivities we opted for a 9 course tapas back patio gala. We made this plan while dress shopping mid April in sundresses. Come May 15, it was frigid and rainy of course. So, the back patio theme moved into my living room (thank goodness there was space!). This is definitely the biggest dinner party I've hosted as of yet, but it's all neatly organized in a google doc for anyone who would be interested in throwing a similar shindig. We had roasted beet bruschetta, olive cucumber feta mint skewers, empenadas, salad-e shirizi, Spanish meatballs, flan, all with red and white sangria. I didn't take as many pictures bc I was still prepping and serving the food, but all in all it was an awesome night!

Rachel the beautiful bride.

   Everyone squished into my living room!

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