New Camera!


The beginning of this summer marked a huge change for me and in a way really sparked my return to blogging! Per the advice of a close friend to go ahead and make the bigger purchase I'd been saving for...I finally got a DSLR camera! I purchased a Canon Rebel xsi and I LOVE it.

During my first week with the camera I went to help my roommate at a book signing event she had coordinated for author Michelle McKinney Hammond. My expectation was to serve punch and hopefully be able to snap a few shots of the people and space. As soon as I walked in the door my roommate informed me that the professional photographer they had hired had a family emergency and could I please take all of the pictures! Thankfully the event went smoothly (per all of her planning I'm sure) and I took 368 pictures that night.

I promise I won't write this much for all of my posts but I just wanted to introduce the photography adventure aspect of the blog!

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