My Sunday Funday | Renegade Craft Fair with Friends

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Sunday morning I slept in after a long night of dancing at a really fun reception :-) Wil and I decided that donuts were a necessary thing so we took a walk for them and it was GORGEOUS out. Like the kind of perfect summer morning we're going to be missing very soon. Well, somehow in the busyness of this summer (inexcusable, I know) I forgot this weekend was the Renegade Craft Fair! Thankfully Gillian tweeted that they were going and I was able to tag along with her and Christian. I know it's in the past so posting the flyer seems kind of silly, but I thought it was cute and I wanted to share. I only bought one thing, a really cute part of a wedding gift for my dear friend Julia who is getting married in two and a half weeks!! (I'll tell you what it was after the wedding) but I learned about this new trend. I seriously had no idea moss terrariums were like the new big thing! Some of them are so small you need a magnifying class to see any of the details. I think my favorites were inside light bulbs. Hipsterho.me has a detailed how-to if you're interested in taking this sort of project on personally ;-)

Then Wil met up with us at Small Bar to try out their new brunch menu. I'd sat next door so many times at Fifty/50 with Natasha but never tried out Small Bar. Highly recommend!

Speaking of adorable tiny things check out the AWESOME stop motion video at the bottom The Village from Daniel Espírito Santo // BOLD.

I took the snapshot of Gillian and Christian :-) The others are from here and here on Etsy.

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