Getting Artsy and the Vogue Contest Winner

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This weekend I was feeling artsy (yes, after shooting a 16 hour wedding when I wake up I feel artsy and want to paint--I'm that girl). So right before church we ran to Michael's and picked up supplies! I was inspired by the green painting behind the Elysian front desk and wanted something similar to greet guests when they walk in our front door :-)

Also! Yay! I want to congratulate the lovely Kinzie Cornell for winning the years subscription to Vogue from our contest last week! Please email me your address darling and I'll set it up :-)

I'm off to the lovely Michigan to shoot what promises to be a beautiful wedding on Saturday, but I'll be back to blogging on Monday and celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary! I'm actually going to finally post our wedding pictures. GET EXCITED!!!!

What are you up to this long holiday weekend?

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  1. Ooo! This is wonderful! I've been wanting to do something like this :) Feeling pretty inspired now :)