Lollapalooza 2011

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This weekend we had three day passes to Lollapalooza :-) Sadly, without a press/media pass I was not allowed to carry my camera in. So, these are just with my iPhone 4.

Sunday it was sunny and gorgeous when we left our house. As soon as we arrived at Grant Park, I looked up to see this.

Needless to say, it downpoured. As I stood in the rain, I day dreamed of a warm shower, my fuzzy bathrobe, and sipping wine on the couch. I love music, and I love Wil. But, I am not hardcore enough to stand in the cold rain for hours. So, I went home! And I had a lovely evening on the couch with my wine :-)

[I feel like it's worth noting that Wil is plenty hardcore and stayed for Deadmau5 even though he got rained on two more times]

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