Boulevardier Cocktail Recipe

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Today I'm at the WPPI Road Trip downtown...but last night we drank...so I thought you might like to hear about it ;-)

Sometimes we find cocktails to make from our friends at the Violet Hour, sometimes through an old fashioned book. This is one of our favorite cocktail books, I highly recommend it if you want to start mixing some delicious drinks!

Without further ado, because I know you're super curious.. the Boulevardier

What you will need:
Old Weller Bourbon (or other bourbon of your choosing)
Carpano Antica
Cherry (or we subbed cherry bitters)

Cocktail shaker

1. Pour one and a half ounces of the Old Weller (or your choice of bourbon) into the jigger, transfer to shaker
2. Pour one ounce of the Campari into the jigger, transfer to shaker
3. Pour one ounce of the Carpano Antica into the jigger, transfer to shaker
4. Add ice to shaker, we used small cubes here
5. Stir until you see the shaker is visibly colder
6. Strain into glass
7. Garnish with a cherry or two dashes of cherry bitters
8. ENJOY!!!!

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