Old Raj Gin Gimlet Recipe

Today is a special treat, we're starting a new series with cocktail recipes and fun pictures! This is one of my absolute favorite drinks for any time of year, but I seem to be drinking a lot more of them this summer...something about the cool refreshing lime...

Without further ado, I bring you, the Old Raj Gin Gimlet.

This drink was introduced to me by the amazing Hank of the Violet Hour (our favorite lounge/bar/speak easy).

What you will need:
Old Raj Gin
1 fresh lime to squeeze - Very important! DO NOT substitute bottled juice
Simple syrup - fresh or bottled (I just think the bottle's pretty)

Cocktail shaker
Champagne coup and sidecar, or other glassware of choice

1. Pour two ounces of Old Raj into the jigger, transfer to shaker
2. Cut lime in half, squeeze one ounce of juice into the jigger, transfer to shaker
3. Pour 1/2 ounce of simple syrup into jigger, transfer to shaker
4. Add ice to shaker, I use small cube because they break up easier
5. Shake until you hear the ice breaking up and can see and feel that the shaker is really cold
6. Strain into coup and sidecar
7. Garnish with a slice of lime
8. ENJOY!!!!

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