Flying into Chicago

So, as you probably know, we've been traveling quite a bit. Which means spending too much time at the airport, in security lines (which if you follow me or Wil on twitter you hear probably way more than you want to), waiting on the tarmac, etc etc. But, it also means I get to catch some pretty cool shots of our city when we're flying in.

I love Chicago. I really really do. At this point, I can't imagine being anywhere else. I get that we might have to move eventually...but for now I am quite content where we are.

Every time I am coming back in from being out of town, I smile at first sight of the skyline. Be it driving in on the Dan Ryan, or flying over the lake to O'Hare, that moment always seems to slow...and I just exhale slowly knowing that I am home.

These were all taken on our way back from our honeymoon in March with my 5dMarkii and a 50mm lens pressed almost all the way up against the airplane window :-)

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Happy Monday all :-)

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