A Practical Wedding Sponsorship

Good Morning!

I have some really exciting news for you all today!!! I am officially an A Practical Wedding (APW) sponsor! I cannot begin to tell you how helpful APW has been to me throughout the past year. My dear friend Julia recommended that I start reading it right after we both got engaged, and I have been hooked since. As Meg says, "Somewhere along the line, the blog stopped being about me, and started being a lot of grounded smart-alecky women talking intelligently about their weddings and marriages." So, if you know me at all, you know this describes me to a T! And as far as business goes, these are really exactly the kind of women and men I want to work with! Since you read my blog...this probably describes you too.

So one of the amazing things about APW beyond the community is the commitment to local business vendors who share APW values. As Meg says "This allows you to shop for sane wedding vendors on APW, and put your money towards small businesses that share your values." I was SO nervous when I emailed Meg about becoming a sponsor (I have literally been procrastinating for months), but never fear she emailed me back in a matter of hours! And now my ad is up on the site! My page is listed under the Midwest Photographers, and I have a Sponsored Post coming up on July 22, so keep an eye out!

My ad is the itty bitty billy balls in the middle!

Check back later for the Daystar School Grandfriends Day update!

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