legally married

The saturday before our wedding (2/27/11) my dad came in town to swap out some furniture that I had at home and take some things home that I no longer needed. And because of some frustrating waiting period laws in Texas, he legally married us. There is a 72 hour waiting period in Texas after you get the marriage license before you can sign it, and we weren't getting down to Texas until late Thursday night. 72 hours after Friday and we were already in Mexico on the honeymoon. This just wouldn't work. So, we decided to do the paperwork and be legally married in Chicago before leaving for the wedding and honeymoon. My Dad was so kind and wrote the sweetest simplest vows for us.
Isn't he so cute? These are the vows. I loved them.
With great joy, through the agape love of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, I take you Wil, to be my husband, until we see Christ face to face.
I'm all curled up because I was sick as a dog.
(perks of getting married at home, you can be sitting on the couch if need be)
making it official, yo.

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