first go at sous vide

For Thanksgiving this year, I thought I would sous vide our turkey. This is just documentation of the practice run. (I didn't want to poison my relatives) Here are some pretty pictures about how we did it. Oh, I should mention that we followed Chef Grant and Nick's instructions from the youtube videos here and here and recipe from Alinea Mosaic here.

So we started with a full turkey and thawed it in the sink full of water for 24 hours, draining it and refilling it with room temp water every couple hours. (Wil handled all of this) When it came time to actually start cooking, I took the biggest knife we have and hacked it into pieces that would fit in the freezer bags.
we cut up a stick of butter and placed into each bag
then we added a bunch of sage and thyme
time to add the turkey! and seal tightly (this is a two person job getting as much air out as possible)
place the bags into the stock pot
and keep the temperature at 170 F for two and a half to three hours. (we did three hours)
while waiting: get really hungry and eat cookies. find bliss.

Results: one of the bags broke. please note, if this happens, just throw away the contents. 
The turkey in the bag that did not break was really good though, very moist throughout, and naturally flavorful. We are really excited to try out cooking other things this way as well!

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