the most awesome last minute dinner

seriously this took like 5 minutes to prep.

all you need is an eggplant, some havarti cheese, chicken breasts, an onion, italian dressing, lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper

i sliced the eggplant into roughly 3/4" pieces, and then just covered each piece with the cheese.

chop the onion and place the chicken breasts over them (for extra flavor!) drizzle all with olive oil, salt and pepper. squirt just a bit of italian dressing and lime juice on the chicken.... and throw it all in the broiler!

i did five minutes on high with the broiler and then flipped the chicken, and did another five minutes. at this point the eggplant was done (you'll know when it's toasty on top) so i took that off the sheet and broiled the chicken for another 5 minutes (15 total). and voila! 
seriously i think the best dinners are the last minute ones we randomly throw together. 

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