How to Survive Winter in Chicago or other Tundra-like Locations

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Today is officially the first day of Winter so I want to tell you how to survive.

I love Chicago. I really do. Mostly I love Chicago in the summer, but I have learned how to make it through the winter as well. Sadly no one told me what steps I needed to take to take to prepare my first winter here so I blindly layered thinking it would help. It didn't really.

So I'm going to fix this problem and share what I've learned with you. Please note, I have invested in these pieces one at a time and so they aren't all currently available online anymore. What I have pictured below are the most similar options I could find.

First and foremost, the longest coat Northface makes for women. This is crucial. You need it.
Next step, boots you could brave the arctic in. I can't find mine online anymore, but these are really similar.
With these two items I can wear dresses out in two degree weather.

Next step is when it's slightly warmer, when I'm shooting, or going out. You want a jacket that still covers your butt but cinches in the middle to give you a waist, preferably something with a taller collar so you can get away without a scarf. I got mine from Gap two years ago, but this is the most similar thing they have now. Mine isn't shiny like this, but it's puffy and super lightweight. This is a great jacket for stuffing behind you in a seat and honestly it fits rolled up in the front pocket of my suitcase for when we travel to warmer climates but are coming in and out of Chicago.

You also want to find a pair of rain boots that you can wear in light snow that don't necessarily look like rain boots. These are also great for shooting in or just running errands and you can wear them all day! I found mine at Banana Republic but they don't have them anymore. These are from JCrew and very similar. Aren't they sooo pretty?

And then the most basic step, under everything, all winter, I wear HeatTech turtlenecks from Uniqlo and fleece lined leggings.

You're welcome! Now go and be warm.

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  1. oooh i feel you on this!! i practically live in my north face coat!

  2. Sorel boots!!!!!! I have a very good feeling santa will be bringing those to me this year. If not...I'm going to the North Pole and taking them! :)