For the Little Joys in Life | A Hunger Games Giveaway

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Did you read as a child? Fall head over heels into other worlds of magic and mystery. Reading has always been a huge joy in my life. Sometimes... I just forget. I don't know about you but having entire hours to lose oneself in the pages of a book are few and far between! And reasonably finding a book that can wholly suck you in can be quite the challenge too. Well, yesterday I saw the Hunger Games movie preview and knew I had to read the book immediately. As movies are frequently not as good as their book counterpart, and this preview looked amazing.

I may or may not have slept last night... but I read the first book. I'm not even sure how to tell you how amazing it was other than to say that I loved it so much I'm giving away a pretty new copy today!

Please leave a comment on my facebook page with your favorite fiction book or series that you've read to date! I'll announce the winner Friday :-)

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