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Soooooo this is really exciting! :-D

As of yesterday I am being featured in a brand-spanking-new, really awesome wedding vendor directory. You all know of my love for A Practical Wedding, the blog, author, readers, and other vendors. Seriously, it is an amazing group of supportive people. I am so happy to support it, and now we have this beautiful directory too (made by the very cool folks at Super Runaway Co).

Part of joining the APW community as a vendor means signing off on the APW Sanity Pledge. I love it so much I want to share it with you here:

... A wedding is an awesome party, but it’s the marriage that really matters.

... It takes two people to get married. It’s not all about the bride (and sometimes there isn’t a bride to begin with).

... We support LGBTQ couples right to marry, and we are delighted to work with them.

... We don't charge a premium just because we heard the word "wedding."

... We will be upfront and fair about our pricing. We won't surprise you with a secret fee because you want frosting on the cake, not just the cake.

... You don't have to have cake at your wedding.

... However you decided to tie the knot, we’re on your team.

... Weddings come in all different shapes/sizes/colors/budgets/etc., but as long as you two end up married to each other, it will have been a successful wedding.

I hope you have an amazing Tuesday. See you tomorrow!

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