Spread the Love

Last night I had the honor and the privilege of participating in Justin & Mary's Spread the Love tour.

I cannot begin to express how much I learned. But so far today, as it is 8am, I have told my Mom about it on the phone, and the guy building the fall Violet Hour wall. Don't worry, I'll tell everyone else today too.

We talked about being a lovemark, and doing the purple cow thing, and now I have a ridiculously long (and awesome) reading list.

Mary has basically challenged me to rethink everything I am doing....in the best way possible. So, all of that to say, I learned a ton, and just wait because there is a WHOLE LOT OF EXCITING STUFF TO COME!!!!!!!

Oh, and I got to hang out with the awesome Jim & Ravyn! I can't wait for Walk through a Wedding tomorrow!!

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