Emily and Tom are Married!

Last weekend we were in my hometown for my childhood friend Emily's wedding! We were so lucky to attend the wedding as guests, but as you know me of course I brought my camera and 35mm along :-) She had SO MANY incredible details surrounding her vintage travel theme, I just have to share a few of them with you!

They got married at the Grainary in New Harmony, such a cool building.

She found vintage suitcases to hold the AMAZING programs she DIY-ed that look like luggage tags!

We all know I LOVE a tree of the guests thumbprints!

This was SUCH a cool idea that I haven't seen before. They had a table of pictures of all of their older relatives at their weddings. Talk about vintage beauty, it was incredible!

More cute hat luggage boxes for cards! So sweet.

Emily's beautiful sister Laura with their dad Charles! And on the right are location cards that were on each table at the reception with a place highlighted and then stories on the back of their visits to fun places!

The happy couple!

Two of my favorite details were saved for the end! We threw paper airplanes at them as a grand exit! Annnnd they gave us awesome spice packets as favors to share in their love of cooking. Seriously, she is genius.

Just a quick snapshot Mom took from the front seat of Wil, Bets, and I :-)

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