thanksgiving family fun

I know I'm late posting this...someday I'll get better at posting things as they happen instead of a couple weeks after the fact.

Over Thanksgiving Wil and I went to my grandmother's to be with my immediate family. She lives in this little itty bitty town a couple hours southwest of Chicago. This is a one stoplight kind of town. So, we do really fun things like play jenga and phase ten....and watch lots of football.

Quote of all of the games comes from my sister Betsy, "I love jenga because there isn't one winner, there's one LOSER."

We also took our family pictures. Mom and Dad send out a 4x6" of our family as a postcard every year. This year, Wil was our photographer. Next year he'll be in the picture!
We also goofed around then and took other silly pictures.
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